Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The day has arrived! I'm going home! I couldn't sleep much yesterday but here you have my last post from Norway ( for 3 weeks) I will be posting from the land of sunshine, Mexico!!! By the way I just realized I don't have summer clothes! My sister told me it is 37 degrees on the afternoon and 30 at midnight! Ha! I just have blazers and sweaters! I guess I will have to do some shopping there!  Thank you reading and hope you have a fantastic day!! See you soon! Need to dry my hair, get ready and catch a flight!!!! Besos!!!!

By Melissa


  1. Me encantaria vivir en Noruega, pero eso de no tener (y no necesitar) ropa de verano creo que no iria mucho conmigo. Espero que vaya genial en Mexico, espero tus post desde alli :)

  2. Muchas gracias por tu comentario! Sii el invierno esta dificil, pero Noruega es hermoso!! Y Mexico unico! iij si ya pronto hare mi nuevo post! Besos!

  3. I can`t wait :)I love your blog. Mexico - I envy. Have a good time!