Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Finally a new "Look of the day" post! I know it took many days but I went to Larvik for the weekend and didn't had much time but now here they are! I wore this blue maxi skirt for the second time and I actually like how it looks, the mini ankle bootie that I can't take off (I feel so tall when I use them). So for me today it is only going to be packing because tomorrow I go to my beautiful country!!! It feels like a dream after 1 year and two months I will go back! See my family, my friends my dog! And I will experience a real summer with 34 degrees, tanning,blue sky everyday and the most fantastic food in the whole world! Mexico I can't wait to see you!!!  I couldn't even sleep yesterday because I'm very excited and I think today I am going to have a hard time sleeping! It always happens like that to me! Hope you all have a good day!!! Besos!!!!

Maxi Skirt: H&M
Denim Jacket: BikBok
Ankle bootie: H&M

By Melissa

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  1. Love the skirt!! It is so girly and perfect for any occasion. Its length beneath knee adds a 60's lady flair that I always loved.