Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yesterday It was raining like crazy!!! So it felt like autumn for me. So when the winds are blowing its nice to have a cool blazer or jacket and since this season it's all about color and honey brown shades, so the color inspiration comes from the nature, landscapes and which better country to get inspiration from than Norway! So If you thought wearing something bubble pink, red or electric blue was only a summer trend, think again! Color is here to stay! Anyway,  I decided to wear this beige earth- blazer.  I went to a cafe with my friends whom I haven't seen in a long time because everyone was on vacation. I t was so nice to see them all! And one of them brought her camera and we decided to take some pictures! It was so much fun to do it with the girls, they were so nice, fixing my hair, giving me advises and just having fun in the summer raindrops basically! Thank you so much for yesterday!  Besos!

Bootie: H&M

By Melissa


  1. Nice pictures!! Especially the first one!! :-)

  2. Great job for both Melissa and Natalia! I had great time talking with you! Vi ses! M

  3. Vi ses! Jeg ver at det var deg!!! Vi ses!!! Klem!!! Takk for meg!!!!

  4. wow. fabulous.. i also have a feature on umbrella in my blog. love your outfit here.. really fabulous..

    im following your blog now..
    hope you check and follow my blog too.
    i talk about fashion and more...

  5. Hi!! Thanks for the comments! I will check your blog and follow your blog too! You are so nice!

  6. Love this outfit and your style, following!