Monday, October 24, 2011


  Hi!! How are you? I have been a bit away from the blogger world this weekend. I went to Trondheim wich is located in central Norway, what a beuatiful, koselig (cozy) city. We had so much fun! It was cold as hell as you can see in the pictures I was freezing..that's why I have a funny face all the time! I decides to wear my faux leather arm coat, wich is perfect fo this season! Love it! We also went to a market where they had all this beautiful gloves from Honduras and guess what? I finally found a real Mexican restaurant! Its called Frida and they bring all the food from Mexico, so the flavours are the real deal! Thanks everyone for the perfect weekend! Gracias!!! Hope you all have a nice day! Un beso!!!

Coat: H&M
By Melissa


  1. i love mexican food,it's just so so good :)
    your coat is very special,you look great in it

    fashionbarbecue,com :)

    by the way : i have a little giveaway on my blog right now :)